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Heart Align Academy is your personalized 12-week journey created just for amazing women like you. It's not just a program; it's a special experience carefully crafted to unlock your full potential, align your success with your deepest desires, and propel you to the next level in your career or business journey.


Join us and let's redefine your success together!

What will You Gain


-Finding your soul aligned dream
-Setting intentions
-Exploring and owning your values, strengths
-Exploring your saboteurs 
-Meeting your younger selves
-Self acceptance and self forgiveness
-Owning your worth and resilience
-Self doubt and healthy boundaries
-Owning your power, authenticity
-Loving connections and relationships
-Self confidence, expressing yourself and being visible
-Clarity and connection with intuition
-Impact and greater purpose
-Completion and Celebration


Support of Global Women Community


Weekly Live Zoom Meetings

I'm in !

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This Is For You If


Feeling Stuck or Overwhelmed: If you're a professional woman who feels trapped in a cycle of stagnation, overwhelmed by the demands of your career or business, Heart Align Academy is your pathway to breaking free and gaining clarity.


Dreaming of Next-Level Success: Whether you're envisioning a higher career position, a better work-life balance, or making a significant transition, this program caters to ambitious women with dreams of reaching the next level in their professional journey.


Yearning for Authentic Voice: If the desire to own your authentic voice, speak confidently, and lead with grace is burning within you, Heart Align Academy is designed to empower you to amplify your voice in both personal and professional spheres.


Seeking Transformation and Connection: If you crave a holistic transformation that aligns with your heart's desires, coupled with the support of a community of like-minded women, Heart Align Academy offers the perfect blend of individual growth and shared connection to fuel your transformative journey.

This is a big opportunity to transform your career and business without compromising who you really are.

Your journey to transformation starts here. Join us in unlocking your true potential and confidently stepping into your next level of success.

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