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Hey! I'm Hülya, and I'm a Leadership and Self-Leadership Coach…

I was born into a crowded family in a small village in Turkey with three older brothers. My life started with challenges in the boy's world, "trying to fit in and get accepted." 


These challenges helped me to build a successful career in corporate life, yet deep in my heart, I knew there was a way of being and leading without compromising who you really are as a woman. This search has led me out of the corporate world into entrepreneurship and starting up two companies based in London and Istanbul where my team and I are supporting individuals and companies to find success and happiness simultaneously. 


I am passionate about helping leaders who care about feminine qualities and want to lead authentically without compromising who they are.


But here's the thing: I'm not just a coach. The woman I am today has connected with her true self and is leading a successful professional life. The things that I learned through my experiences are embodied in my coaching. They have helped me thrive in my career, and I am sure they'll help you too.


I can see many leaders trying to fit into so-called 'leadership competencies boxes' struggle with a lot of similar issues—self-doubt, self-betrayal, and low confidence that can cause them to sabotage their success. My holistic approach in coaching is designed to help them realize their inner power and find their true potential.


I'm an ICF-accredited PCC Coach with over 2000 hours of coaching experience—and personal development and leadership training delivered with over 500 days of workshops under my belt! 


With over 2000 hrs of coaching, I know exactly what works for you as an individual. I am your trusted coach who will guide you through this transformation process. 


I offer private one-on-one coaching sessions where we can discuss your goals, needs, and challenges in depth to create a plan that fits your needs perfectly. 


Book a FREE INTRO Coaching Session with me if you are ready to take the next step toward your dream life, career, and business


For My Full CV, you can visit my profile on linkedin

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I am a human being (just like you and everyone else on the planet), but over time I have developed some core strengths that make me a great source of inspiration for those who want to transform their life, career, and business.


Here are some strengths that I have developed over the years that make me an experienced coach:

  • I have a holistic approach to human beings and leadership

  • I mastered many different  leadership competencies and used the different leadership competencies according to my needs

  • I am always open to development and learning and keep investing in my own transformation

  • I love being the leader of my own life and my business

  • I have a sense of bond, love, and trust living with connection and being conscious of the inner child

  • I believe in the dreams of inner teenage and the determination to realize them in life

  • I have effective communication and relationship management skills

  • I can hold space for duality

The Core Values I Believe In While Delivering My Services

TRUST: I trust in human nature, individual's desire, goodwill,

love in the heart, life, divine law, and flow…


GROWTH: I ​​believe humans, nature, and the whole existence are programmed for growth. Growth is the heart desire of every individual and is natural and circular...


TRUTH: I care about realizing one's reality, waking up from the illusion, and seeing and accepting the whole truth with its darkness and light...


HUMILITY: I care about accepting both success and failure and taking it as an opportunity to step into the growth process…


DEVOTION: I believe in the willingness to work and effort to support life in any form and be devoted to love and mother earth.

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