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Inner Teenage TRUST & SURRENDER Workshop




18 Feb, 2023

About the Workshop

If you have control issues and have challenges to deepening in the relationship, it might be perfect time to connect with your inner teenage.

The teenager within us is still alive and s/he is full of life force energy with lots of ambition and dreams. Connection with our inner teenage can enable us to manifest vision, freedom, love, passion, abundance and empowerment in all areas of our life.

In this workshop, we aim to;

● Heal your connection with your inner teenage and become conscious of limitation to surrender and trust

● Reclaim your teenage qualities of freedom, connnection, sexuality, self confidence

● Tap into your true potential and feel all emotions and let go

● Healthy discussion about your own teenage struggles and limitations

● And many more….

We use Coaching, Meditation, Art, and Dancing Techniques to their fullest potential.

Dive into a journey of moving from self-abandonment to self-mastery and create the safe and healthy life and relationships that you deserve.

Sign Up for The Event Before It’s Too Late. Its a very intimate group with max 12 people.

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