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Inner Child




20 Nov, 2022

About the Workshop

If you feel dull, isolated and lonely and want to tap into Vitality and Joy, it migth be the excellent time to connect with your inner child.

Become One with Yourself; Start Anew

The child within us will enable us to see the beauties of life again. The child within us is our connection with life and how we live life. You can join us for the self-leadership and self empowerment workshop, 'Healing your Inner Child' on the 20th of November at this wonderful retreat place.

In this workshop, we aim to;

  • Explore our conditionings around Vitality and Joy

  • Heal our connection with inner child

  • Reclaim childlike qualities, i.e., innocence, playfulness, curiosity, magic, joyfulness, vitality and spontaneity.

There will be Coaching, Meditation, Art and Dancing Techniques to their fullest potential.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a soft toy that you can hug:)

We will be diving into a Journey of Self Mastery That Starts From The Essence Of Your Being

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