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Dare to Own Your Soul Vision

Online, (3 Weeks on Tuesdays)


12 Sep 2023, 19.00-20.30 pm

19 Sep 2023, 19.00-20.30 pm

26 Sep 2023, 19.00-20.30 pm


About the Workshop




Dare to Own Your Soul Vision


During my meditation, I reflected upon my corporate leadership days, which now feel like a past life. It was a world of power dynamics, where everyone needed to tap into their warrior energy to navigate the corporate landscape – protecting roles, fulfilling responsibilities, advocating for their teams, and driving growth. It was a world of constant action, where power was the name of the game. I played it well and even received a leadership award.


Yet, something was missing. I couldn't put a finger on it then, but after leaving my corporate career, embarking on global retreats, seeking wisdom from gurus, and devouring countless books, it became evident: it was Love. Love for nature, humanity, life, each other, and most importantly, self-love.

The corporate world I knew hardly dared to utter the word 'love' in business. But now, I had the missing piece. I was destined to create a heart-centered business. And so, I did. Love became the core value of my company, and it thrived. Yet, in 2014, I hit rock bottom, nearly going bankrupt due to cash flow issues (which could be a course in itself). It was a wake-up call, revealing where I had lost my power, while making space for love.


But it doesn't have to be either/or anymore. They can coexist. This is the way forward – not one or the other, but how they can harmoniously coexist.


I learned the hard way how to integrate both power and love into my business, the essential harmony of feminine and masculine energies.


Masculine without the feminine is cold, purely about actions, competition, and survival. Feminine without the masculine lacks the drive to reach your full potential hence can lead to resentment and financial struggles.


Are you a woman struggling to clarify your vision and action plan currently?


By delving into masculine and feminine wounds, you can own your power without compromising love. It's about claiming your feminine power by healing your masculine wounds.


I'm excited to announce 'Power, Love, and Clarity' for women – a transformative space to align your mind, heart, soul and action. Here, you'll uncover your vision and chart a clear roadmap for the next level in your career or business.

You will have Clarity on Your Soul's Vision, a Concrete Action Plan, and the Self-Confidence to Bring It to Life.


Here's a sneak peek at what is it going to be like:


First Life Session: Setting intentions for the journey.

Healing the original wound of femininity around love and connection, which often holds us back from our career and business success.


Second Session: Healing the original wounds of masculinity around power, addressing moments where we may have lost or misused our power.


Third Session: Finding harmony between power and love, masculine and feminine, and gaining clarity on your vision and action plan for the next level.



This is my introductory offer for a live group program over Zoom, taking place over three consecutive Tuesdays, starting on September 12th, followed by two more sessions on the subsequent Tuesdays.


I'm thrilled to offer this as an introductory rate of 88 GBP, in honour of those embracing their inner divine masculine energy and taking fast action. This special price is available for the next 48 hours, after that it will increase.


I believe in the immense value of this program, which is worth much more than its current price. However, I trust my intuition and feel called to make it accessible to anyone who's ready to embark on this transformative journey

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