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World Needs the Unique Gifts Your Soul Brings

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Hello I'm Hulya, 

Leadership and Self-Leadership Coach…

I help women like you  to find their soul’s truth and inner power to design the life, career and business they desire


Work With Me 



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TRUST: I trust in human nature, individual's desire, goodwill,

love in the heart, life, divine law, and flow…


GROWTH: I ​​believe humans, nature, and the whole existence are programmed for growth. Growth is the heart desire of every individual and is natural and circular...


TRUTH: I care about realizing one's reality, waking up from the illusion, and seeing and accepting the whole truth with its darkness and light...


HUMILITY: I care about accepting both success and failure and taking it as an opportunity to step into the growth process…


DEVOTION: I believe in the willingness to work and effort to support life in any form and be devoted to love and mother earth.



Hulya took us on an incredibly fast journey into both the wounds of childhood & recognising  how they show up now in adulthood so we can break the patterns & identify the gifts, as well as qualities of childhood, which we would like to reclaim to live a fuller, more joyful life.

I experienced a big release of sadness which helped me move into even more joy. Beautiful.


I was more of an  observer then standing for my truth and voicing my own opinion at work.

My self belief was ‘I didn't want to participate anyway’ and I was trying to stay out of most things. 

When started the coaching process I questioned this belief and become aware that it was an automatic behavior that I learned from my childhood.


What I really wanted was to be fully involved in life and take my stand.


Along with discovering my own truth, I was able to take important steps in my life.

For a long time I wanted to change my life and work but did not know where to start from.

Thanks to Inner Child  and Self Leadership Coaching process now I found my dream job, even changed the city I live in.


After these coaching sessions

I realized that

Hülya  did not give me fish but she taught me how to fish :)


Knowing yourself and owning your values to shape your life and career.

Hülya is an ideal coach if you want to design a much better future.


I feel lucky to have worked with Hülya as my coach.

Thanks to her sincere and positive approach, I was able to discover the true spirit underlying my professional and individual behavior.

I can now manage my behaviors much more easily with my awareness.

I would recommend Hülya as a coach to all professionals.


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